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Membership of the Club is by way of a small payment of £10.00 and which covers the Club’s financial year of 1st January to 31st December.  Potential members are always welcome to come along to a lunch to see if the Club will work for them before joining. We do ask that anyone that attends 2 or more lunches in a year pays the membership fee. We do however also make arrangements with larger businesses to permit a couple of people to be signed up as members with the ability for them to provide substitutes to attend the lunches.

The membership fees, together with a small amount added to most lunches enables the Club to cover its small administrative expenses, with the balance going to a local charity chosen by the Club President.

To attend a lunch

Please complete the reply form and make your payment.  

To join the Club email the Club Secretary on


All members and potential members expressing an interest in the Club are added to the Club's email database and will receive email communications relating to the Club. The Club does not permit the database to be used for member communications and is used only for Club correspondence, which is minimal.